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Today, information is one of the main assets that support the life of people and the work of companies. And it needs to be protected. Protecting information means ensuring its availability, confidentiality and integrity.
This information includes:
  • Logins and passwords for various Internet portals
  • Financial data (credit card numbers, PIN codes, Internet banking passwords, etc.)
  • Passport data
  • Photos or scanned documents
  • Other personal data
    Our hard drives contain: addresses, phone numbers, photos and videos, ideas, diaries, developments, collections of valuable materials, confidential information, passwords and pin codes. All this is "acquired by overwork." Tens and hundreds of gigabytes of information, which for the owner is much more expensive than the computer itself. And it is even IN PRICELESS!

  • - Cipher -
    Version 4.0. Build 20100217 -

    "File Encryptor" - allows you to encrypt both individual files and recursively all files in a folder and in subfolders.
    Program functions:
  • encryption and decryption of files using the GOST, Blowfish, IDEA, Misty1, Rijndael, Twofish, Cast128, Cast256, RC2, RC5, RC6, DES, TEA method using a password;
  • encryption and decryption of files using the CHR, BIT method using a key file;
  • selection of one or more encryption methods;
  • create a separate encrypted file with the .cip extension;
  • completely deletes the source file.
    The program offers two options for saving the result of file encryption. The first option is to encrypt the file itself. The second option is to save the encryption result in a new file with the addition of the CIP file extension. When choosing the second option, you can additionally enable the option to delete the source file. The program will first set all bits in the source file to zero and then delete the file, bypassing the trash can. After that, it is not possible to restore the information that was in the file.

  • Encryption Editor "is a text editor with built-in encryption that combines ease of use, reliability and portability.
    It is best to store sensitive information in an encrypted text file. For this, the program "Cipher Editor" has been created. You must enter one password to access all of your passwords. Even if all your password files are stolen from you, they will be useless for thieves. Or, for example, you will lose your flash drive - you will only lose your flash drive, NOT PASSWORDS.
    The editor works with text in UNICODE format, so you can enter any characters, including hieroglyphs, into it. Information can be entered into the editor in the format in which you are accustomed.

    Password generator "- you need to change your passwords more often. To generate a password or login, you can use the Password Generator program. The program will come up with a password of any length and from a set of any characters. Before generating a password, you must enter the password length "Password Length" and select a set of characters (check the boxes), from which the password string will be formed. Press the F2 key or the first button with the mouse to generate a password. The generated password will be displayed in the field. To copy the password to the clipboard, you can press the F5 key or click the second button with the mouse.

    Encryptor software package will provide reliable cryptographic protection of your confidential data. Programs can be written to a flash drive and run on any computer. Versions of the program exist for Windows and Linux.

    Just remember the encryption method (s) and password. It will be impossible to decipher.

    The encryption methods used in the program are quite reliable. But if you want, I think they can be deciphered in the CIA or KGB laboratories. If your files are not so secret, then you can safely use the program.
    Remember - information needs reliable protection!
    Many users write down their passwords and pin-codes on scraps of paper, in the memory of PDAs and mobile phones, on flash drives and leave these records in places easily accessible to intruders. They are easily found by social engineering specialists and garbage pickers. Attackers also use more sophisticated technologies - password cracking, phishing, sniffing, man-in-the-middle attacks, etc.
    We often face questions:
  • Many different passwords (for mail, for wallet, for something else). It is not possible to memorize them all! Where can they be kept safe? In what safe place can they be easily and quickly removed and used?
  • There is confidential information (ideas, business developments): how to securely keep it from prying eyes?
  • It's not just me who use a computer in the company. How do I make sure that only I have access to my files on it?
    We need to take the time and take care of the security of YOUR INFORMATION!
    To solve this problem, a software package has been created: "File Encryptor", "Encryption Editor" and "Password Generator". The package uses proven and strong encryption methods GOST, Blowfish, IDEA, Misty1, Rijndael, Twofish, Cast128, Cast256, RC2, RC5, RC6, DES, TEA. Added author's CHR and BIT encryption methods using a key file. You can use one method or several encryption methods.

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