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Family Events Calendar is a program for creating beautiful calendars with photos for any year or month. With its help, you can create high quality photo calendars, just select the format and design of the project, add photos. The program allows you to prepare calendars in a variety of styles.

Program Description
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Program version for Linux

The program "Calendar of family events" makes it possible to customize any element of the calendar, including title, fonts, background, month layout and more. You can add photos of friends and relatives to the calendar attached to their birthday. At the same time, the program is easy to learn and has a help system.

The program combines ample opportunities and an accessible interface, which allows it to be used by both home users and professionals.

Download program

Download the distribution kit of the Ubuntu/Debian program (DEB) (3228 KB) eventsday-ubuntu.deb
Download the distribution kit of the OpenSUSE/RedHat (RPM) program (3228 KB) eventsday-opensuse.rpm

Project Support

You can help the development of the project by transferring any amount to your wallets: