store history, begin with yourself!
Invaluable acquisition for Your family - knowledge of the roots. Whatever were Your ancestors - noblemen or peasants, merchants, petty bourgeoises or soldiers. A valuable gift for a person with family values - as was formed Your family name, what are its historical and cultural roots.
Not every person knows the name of his great-grandmother or great-grandfather. And the thing is that at its ancestors was not possibilities or desires to make a family tree. But we will be smarter and will give descendants all information necessary to them.
And will help You with this program "a family family tree". You can issue on Your taste the information stored in Your family archive or the memory of Your relatives in family tree, a family album.
The program will remind in advance You of forthcoming birthday Your member of the family or relative.

The program is intended for preservation of history and construction genealogic tree of families. With its help You will create the detailed list of family members add their biographies, a photo and video materials. The program is simple and easy to learn, has intuitive and beautiful interface.
Program features:

  drawing up of the biography of each family member;

  build ascending and descending genealogical tree;

  build ascending and descending personal genealogical branch;

  build ascending and descending circular genealogical table;

  building the tree of nationalities;

  preserving family history;

  drawing up General and personal photo album of family;

  drawing up the General and personal videoarchive of a family;

  storage of copies of documents;

  export and import GEDCOM.
the family tree of family - the powerful and difficult program on genealogy. It is developed to facilitate for You work to collect, show and organize information about Your family history. The program allows to exchange with relatives the data through function of archiving of data. Family tree of the family gives You the tools to save every bit of information about the history of Your family. Иintuitively intuitive user interface allows users even with absence of genealogical experience to start using the software immediately.

genealogy tree family genus father mother son daughter grandma grandpa brother sister husband wife
Drawing icon
Universal family tree
Personal genealogical branch
General genealogical tree in the male line
the General family tree on a female line
Circular genealogical table in BMP
Circular genealogical table in HTML
browse photos
photo Album and copies of documents
Preview copies of documents
View video
Generational painting
Personal report
To buy the program

If the program was pleasant to you, be registered. The more will be the registered users, the more often there will be new versions, the more there will be at me an incentive to their creation, and it is possible to make in this program still very much and much!

Before making decision on purchase of FamilyTree, please, read the license agreement.

If you decided to be registered, transfer the demanded amount one of following methods. After transfer money, send to me the letter on (with a mark in a subject of the letter of "FamilyTree"). Specify when, in what way and what amount you transferred, yours the country, the city and a name, it is also desirable to specify number of the translation. After receiving the translation I will send the password of registration of the program on your E-Mail.

Program price:
  • 1 license - 14.99 USD

If there are questions, do not hesitate to set them by e-mail, or it is possible to call by phone +7-922-205-80-30 from 11.00 till 18.00 Moscow time.

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There are languages of the interface English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French.
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I to you do not recommend strongly to use stolen serial numbers, and also all keygenerator. I do not guarantee stable and correct work of the cracked versions, and also I do not give support to the users registered in the dishonest way. Using these methods, you break the law on copyright.