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Studying your family history is essential. She fosters pride in belonging to her family, her surname, the desire to become the same as grandfathers. A child who learns about the past of his loved ones feels like a part of a larger and reliable whole. From childhood, a sense of responsibility towards the memory of their ancestors begins to form. Studying the past, parents can tell about what inclinations and talents their children may have, how to educate and develop them.
Guardian angels are believed to be the ancestors we know about. Therefore, the more we know our ancestors, the more guardian angels we have. The memory of our ancestors makes us stronger, calmer and wiser.
With the advent of a child, the family becomes richer for the whole world. The new man unites two families, two clans - two completely different stories. This is how a new generation is born.
Studying pedigree is akin to historical investigation. There are facts, legends, assumptions. Feel like an Explorer of your Family with Family Tree 3D.
You can start small. Build your tree with your child in a playful way.
The program is designed to build an animated 3D family tree. You become a genealogist and an artist for a while.
When the program starts, the tree rotates clockwise.
Rotating the tree is easy:
- when you click on the screen, the rotation of the tree stops.
- when you move your finger across the screen from left to right or from right to left, the tree starts to rotate in the corresponding direction.
The tree is randomly formed and consists of a trunk and large and small branches. Each connection of a trunk to a branch and a connection of a large and small branch is called a node.
Each person is on his own node, from which he can be transferred to another free node. To do this, put your finger on the icon and move it across the screen to a free node.
The program is menu driven. To open the menu, hold your finger on the screen or press the Menu button on the device.
Insert menu - used to insert a new person's icon into the tree from the photo gallery on the device. The new person is inserted into the first free cell. From where it can be moved to any other free cell.
Edit Menu - Used to name a person. You need to click on the person's icon, and then call the Menu and select - Edit.
Delete menu - used to remove a person's icon from the tree. You need to click on the person's icon, and then bring up the Menu and select - Delete.
Menu Music On/Off - used to enable or disable background music.
Redraw menu - used to change the view of the tree. By pressing it, the program draws a new tree in a random order.
An educational game designed for both smartphones and tablets.








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