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The program is designed to preserve history and build a family tree.

Program functions:

  • compiling a biography of each family member;
  • storage of person's phenotype and DNA data;
  • building an ascending and descending family tree (2D, 3D);
  • construction of ascending and descending personal genealogical branches (2D, 3D);
  • construction of an ascending and descending circular genealogical table;
  • building a tree of nationalities;
  • preservation of family history;
  • compiling a general and personal photo album of the family;
  • compiling a general and personal video archive of the family;
  • storage of copies of documents;
  • printing reports and photos divided into pages;
  • GEDCOM export and import.
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    Application -

    Family tree for Windows 10

  • Phone Windows 10
  • Tablet Windows 10
  • Genealogical tree of the Windows Store family
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