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The program is designed to preserve history and build the genealogical tree of the family. Designed to make it easy to collect, display and organize family history information. With its help you will create a detailed list of family members, add their biographies, photos and video materials.

Program functions:

  •   compiling a biography of each family member;
  •   storage of phenotype and DNA data of a person;
  •   building an ascending and descending family tree (2D, 3D);
  •   building an ascending and descending personal genealogical branch (2D, 3D);
  •   building an ascending and descending circular genealogical table;
  •   building a tree of nationalities;
  •   saving family history;
  •   compilation of a general and personal family photo album;
  •   compilation of a general and personal video archive of the family;
  •   storage of copies of documents;
  •   printing reports and photos with pagination;
  •   export and import GEDCOM.
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    Application - "Genealogical tree" for Windows 10 Dektop

    Family tree for Windows 10

  • Phone Windows 10
  • Tablet Windows 10
  • Genealogical tree of the Windows Store family
    C #
    genealogy tree family genus father mother son daughter grandma grandpa brother sister husband wife