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║ CIPHER - "Cryptographer" program ║
║ for individual user ║

Copyright (c) 1991 by Konjuhov D. (Sverdlovsk, USSR)
All right reserved.

CIPHER Version 2.0

Dmitry Konyukhov

CIPHER.COM allows you to encrypt and decrypt
any files using the built-in tools for working with disks and
To start the program, you must run the CIPHER.COM file
and type your password (in the only purchased program - four
press the "Space" key repeatedly),
The "Encoder" pattern appears on the screen.
Find the file you want to encrypt or decrypt
(follow the current operating mode) and press the key - '─┘'.
If you wish, you can change the password for entering CIPHER and
encryption/decryption keys.
Exit the program - the 'Esc' key
Note: when using the key - M, the program remains -
resident in memory. To call it, you must press com-
bination of keys + and type your password.
Example: cipher/m

CIPHER control keys

: Move to the beginning of the catalog
: Moving to the end of the directory
PgUp: Previous Page
PgDn: Next Page
Home: To the beginning of the catalog
End: To the end of the directory
─┘: Change directory or start
file encryption/decryption
F1: Encrypt/Decrypt
F2: Disk Drive
F3: Search Pattern
F4: View file
F5: Sort Directory
F7: Encrypt/Decrypt all files in directory
F9: Configuring CIPHER
F1: Change Password
F2: Hang Out Encryption/Decryption Keys
ESC: Exit

The reliability of the encryption is as if the monkeys would become
immediately print the "Great Encyclopedia".

The program was developed using the Micro-
compiler soft (R) Macro Assembler Version 4.0 and runs in
environment MS DOS version 3.10 and higher.

The size of the UNINFECTED cipher.com file is 22245.