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Program Description
I have a need to place advertisements on message boards and in newspapers having a service for submitting ads via the Internet. I downloaded and bought a couple of programs to automatically place ads. But here's the bad luck. In the reports they write, that they posted an ad on more than 100 boards, but no response.
When I manually place ads, I receive a confirmation by e-mail from the moderator, what an ad posted! it is possible to track the fate of the ad.
But manually placing it is still tedious. It is especially problematic to maintain a base posted ads and track their status.
Therefore, I wrote my own program. In which included the most necessary functions.


- MyBoards - Version 4.0 Build 02082012 -

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Download the program ​​myboards.exe
(2581 KB)
Download the program myboards.zip
(2585 KB)

The program is designed for semi-automatic registration in catalogs and posting advertisements on electronic boards and in newspapers. The program has a clear and convenient interface.

Program functions:

  • creating a base of sites;
  • semi-automatic information placement;
  • maintaining a database of posted information, with the filing date and expiration date;
  • add new sites and configure automatic filling of form fields.

    Read the user manual and you will understand how to work with the program.

  • The demo version of the program contains 14 customized message boards for automatic and semi-automatic ad placement. An unregistered program contains a limitation of 15 entries and the option to create a database of sites is disabled. These restrictions allow the user to get acquainted with the program interface, understand how the program works and what features are included in it.

    Let me remind you: fully automatic mailing of ads is possible only on sites that do not have SPAM protection! Where it is worth protecting the input as "the number in the picture" placement is impossible, but the ad is hammered into the form, you just need to enter the numbers in the picture and click a button for example "Add" in the browser window.
    Base of boards and catalogs
      List of bulletin boards - 2262 records   (Base not configured)
      Download List
      List of subject directories - 572 records   (Base is not configured)
      Download List
      List of software catalogs - 38 entries   (Base configured)
      Download the list
      List of search servers - 38 records   (Database not configured)
      Download List
      List of directories for free posting of articles - 81 records   (Base is not configured)
      Download the list
      List of services for free SMS sending - 3 records   (Base configured)
      Download the list

    BH MAN E !!! Affiliate program!

      Dear users of the program, here (and not only here) you can put up for sale your lists of customized message boards and thematic catalogs for SALE!
    Buy software

    If you liked the program, register. In the registered version of the program, you can supplement and change the databases. Create your own databases.
    Program price:
    • 1 license - 590.00 rubles
    • from 2 to 4 licenses - 540 rubles
    • from 5 to 9 licenses - 490 rubles
    • from 10 and more licenses - 440 rubles (CD with the program as a gift)
    In the unregistered version of the program, you can work with only 15 records.

    What is the effect of sending ads?

    The answer to this question covers 2 areas: direct sales and additional promotion of the company's website using mass mailing of free ads. so, the main benefit of sending ads is:
    A surge in calls from potential customers who found your ad directly on the bulletin board, or through a search engine.
    Increasing the link mass to your site, containing your key queries in the link texts. Insert a link to the site into the ad text and get an increase in positions in the search results of the main search engines, as well as an increase in TC and PR and, as a result, an increase in positions in the YAK (Yandex directory) and in Google search.
    Studies were conducted on the effectiveness of sending ads, on the basis of which it can be argued that sending ads causes a short-term surge in website visits and customer calls.ncov.
    Bulletin boards work like free classified newspapers. However, the audience for free boards is tens of millions of people every month, which of course is many times more than that of this type of print media.