Registration and payment of the program

If you liked the program, register. The more registered users, the more often new versions will appear, the more I will have an incentive to create them, and in this the program can still be very, very much!

Before deciding to purchase MyBoards, please read the license agreement . In case of violation, the user may lose registration. no money back.

If you decide to register, transfer the required amount using one of the following methods. After transferring money, send me an email to (marked with "MyBoards" in the subject line). Indicate when, in what way and how much you transferred, your country, city and name, it is also desirable to indicate the transfer number. After receiving the transfer, I will send the program registration password to your E-Mail.

Program price:

  • 1 license - 590.00 rubles
  • from 2 to 4 licenses - 540 rubles
  • from 5 to 9 licenses - 490 rubles
  • from 10 and more licenses - 440 rubles (CD with the program as a gift)
In the unregistered version of the program, you can work with only 15 records.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them by e-mail.

Payment via SoftKey online store

SoftKey Payment through the SoftKey online store. Residents of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan can pay in national currency through your local representative.
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Payment through the AllSoft online store

AllSoft AllSoft Payment through the AllSoft registration service. Sberbank receipts, bank transfers, credit cards, payments through the systems "CreditPilot", "Rapida", "E-port". Residents of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Estonia and Latvia can pay in national currency through local representation.
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Payment by wire, post or wire transfer

If you live in Russia, you can pay by email, postal or by telegraphic transfer. Telegraphic transfer is slightly more expensive than postal, but much faster, as a rule, it reaches within two days. Electronic transfer is faster than postal and cheaper (6% instead of 10%). Money must be transferred to the following address:

620023, Ekaterinburg, PO Box 65
Dmitry Leonidovich Konyukhov

Payment by bank transfer to an individual:

Payment via WebMoney

Passport is located here our WM identifier 793203043268
Check the certificate

Do not forget to enter your email address in the comment field, where the password will be sent.
data informationm service, see the website

Payment via Yandex-Money
      Payment Yandex.Money
Amount: RUB. kop.
Delivery address:

Money should be transferred to account 4100121216370. In the comment field, do not forget to enter your postal email address, where the password will be sent. for information about the service, see the website

I strongly advise you not to use stolen serial numbers, as well as all kinds of key generators. I do not guarantee the stable and correct operation of the hacked versions, and I also do not provide support to users registered in a dishonest way. By using these methods, you are violating copyright law.