.XLIST ; FILENAME: MDOS.MAC ;--- Exit from program intr Quit,,,20h ;--- Keep intr Keep,,,27h ;----- Dos Function call ----- ;--- Terminate the program intr Terminate10Program,,,21h,00h ;--- Read the keyboard and echo to the screen intr ReadKBDEcho,,,21h,01h ;--- Output a character intr CharacterOutput,
,,21h,02h ;--- Read character from auxiliary device intr AuxiliaryInput,,,21h,03h ;--- Write a character to the auxiliary device intr AuxiliaryOutput,
,,21h,04h ;--- Send character to standard list device intr PrinterOutput,
,,21h,05h ;--- Console Input/Output intr ConsoleIO,
,,21h,06h ;--- Unfiltered character input without echo intr UnfilteredCharInput,,,21h,07h ;--- Character input without echo intr CharInputNoEcho,,,21h,08h ;--- Display a '$' terminated string intr WriteString,,,21h,09h ;--- Read text and store it in a buffer intr BufferedInput,,,21h,0Ah ;--- Check if input is available intr GetInputStatus,,,21h,0Bh ;--- Clear the input buffer and check for input intr ResetInputBuffer,,,21h,0Ch ;--- Flush all DOS file buffers to disk intr ResetDisk,,,21h,0Dh ;--- Set the default disk drive intr ChangeDrive,
,,21h,0Eh ;--- Open a file using FCB's intr OpenFCBFile,,,21h,0Fh ;--- Close a file that uses FCB's intr CloseFCBFile,,,21h,10h ;--- Search for the first matching file intr FindFirstFCB,,,21h,11h ;--- Find the next matching file intr FindNextFCB,,,21h,12h ;--- Delete a file using FCB's intr DeleteFCBFile,,,21h,13h ;--- Reads the next block from a fil intr SequentialFCBRead,,,21h,14h ;--- Writes the next block of data to a file intr SequentialFCBWrite,,,21h,15h ;--- Create and/or open a file for i/o intr CreateFCBFile,,,21h,16h ;--- Rename a file using FCB's intr RenameFCBFile,,,21h,17h ;--- Get the current disk drive intr GetDrive,,,21h,19h ;--- Set the Disk Transfer Area address intr SetDTA,,,21h,1Ah ;--- Get allocation information for the default drive intr DefaultDiskAllocation,,,21h,1Bh ;--- Get allocation information for a specific drive intr DiskAllocation,
,,21h,1Ch ;--- Perform a random file read intr RandomFCBRead,,,21h,21h ;--- Perform random file write intr RandomFCBWrite,,,21h,22h ;--- Get file size in records intr GetFCBFileSize,,,21h,23h ;--- Set the random record number intr SetFCBFileRecord,,,21h,24h ;--- Set an interrupt vector intr SetVector,,,21h,25h ;--- Create a Program Segment Prefix(PSP) intr CreatePSP,,,21h,26h ;--- Random block read of a file intr RandomFCBBlockRead,,,21h,27h ;--- Random block write to a file intr RandomFCBBlockWrite,,,21h,28h ;--- Parse a filename intr ParseFCBFilename,,,21h,29h ;--- Get the DOS Date intr GetDate,,,21h,2Ah ;--- Set the DOS Date intr SetDate,,,21h,2Bh ;--- Get the DOS Time intr GetTime,,,21h,2Ch ;--- Set the DOS Time intr SetTime,,,21h,2Dh ;--- Set the DOS verify flag intr SetVerifyFlag,,,21h,2Eh ;--- Get the DTA address intr GetDTA,,,21h,2Fh ;--- Get the MS-DOS Version # intr GetDOSVersion,,,21h,30h ;--- Terminate and stay resident intr TSR,,,21h,31h ;--- Get or set the Ctrl-Break flag intr GetSetBREAK,,,21h,33h ;--- Get the interrupt vector intr GetVector,,,21h,35h ;--- Returns allocation info. about a disk intr GetDiskSpace,
,,21h,36h ;--- Get or set the current info. about the country intr GetSetCountryInfo,,,21h,38h ;--- Create a directory intr CreateDir,,,21h,39h ;--- Delete a directory intr RemoveDir,,,21h,3Ah ;--- Set the current directory intr ChangeDirectory,,,21h,3Bh ;--- Create or truncate a file intr CreateFile,,,21h,3Ch ;--- Open an existing file intr OpenFile,,,21h,3Dh ;--- Close a file intr CloseFile,,,21h,3Eh ;--- Read from DOS file handle intr ReadFile,,,21h,3Fh ;--- Write to File Handle intr WriteFile,,,21h,40h ;--- Delete a file intr DeleteFile,,,21h,41h ;--- Move the file pointer intr SeekFile,,,21h,42h ;--- Get/Set File Attributes intr GetSetAttributes,,,21h,43h ;--- Device-driver control intr IOCTL,,,21h,44h ;--- Duplicate file handle intr DuplicateHandle,,,21h,45h ;--- Force duplicate file handles intr ForceDupHandle,,,21h,46h ;--- Get the current directory intr GetCurrentDir,
,,21h,47h ;--- Allocate memory blocks intr AllocateMemory,,,21h,48h ;--- Release memory blocks intr FreeMemory,,,21h,49h ;--- Modify a memory block intr ModifyMemory,,,21h,4Ah ;--- Execute a program intr Exec,,,21h,4Bh ;--- Terminate program intr TerminateProgram,,,21h,4Ch ;--- Get DOS return code intr GetReturnCode,,,21h,4Dh ;--- Find first directory entry intr FindFirst,,,21h,4Eh ;--- Find next directory entry intr FindNext,,,21h,4Fh ;--- Get the parameters system intr GetParamSys,,,21h,52h ;--- Get the value of DOS's verify flag intr GetVerifyFlag,,,21h,54h ;--- Rename a file intr RenameFile,,,21h,56h ;--- Read or Modify the time and date of a file intr GetSetFileDateTime,,